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  Your Group Reference Use the same code as the rest of your prospective housemates.
This could be the house number of the property you hope to rent,
then the first 3 letters of the road name
then the initals of any other words in the name
eg. 42HilS for 42 Hill Street
eg. 342BurLR for 342 Burley Lodge Road
  Guarantor This is a person who will sign a legal declaration stating that if you do not pay the rent that you owe for the property then they will have to pay it for you.
Your guarantor is only guaranteeing YOUR rent.
Your housemates will provide their own guarantor to cover their own rent.
  Note 1 Put unknown if applicable
  Mandatory items [Error] Your reference must be entered!
Please select a tenancy type!
Please enter a valid title!
Your surname must be entered!
Your first name must be entered!
Please enter a valid email address!
Please enter a valid mobile number! (unless current address is overseas)
Your date of birth must be entered!
Please select a publicity entry!
The next of kin name must be entered!
The next of kin relationship must be specified!
The next of kin telephone number must be entered! (unless nok address is overseas)
Your current address must be entered!
Your next of kin address must be entered!

for tenancy type student
[Error] Your student number must be entered!
The course end date must be entered!

for tenancy type professional
[Error] Your work address must be entered!

all addresses must have the street and town name entered.
all dates must be in the format dd/mm/ccyy
all phone numbers must be 11 digits and valid (unless current address is overseas)